Online Calendar Setup

Online calendar set up refers to digital calendars that are uploaded through software that allows you to customize the settings of a particular calendar. You can use online calendars to share your information and schedules with your team members and colleagues, and you can use them to track projects and deadlines that are nearing an end. We provide the necessary tools and resources to get you started with online calendar set ups so that your employees are all on the same page.

Online Calendar Set Up

Software Basics

When it comes to understanding an online calendar, there are a few software basics that you will need to learn before operating the online calendar in full. We’re able to provide how-to’s and introductory courses on the software basics for you and your employees so that everyone has a full and comprehensive understanding of how to use the software to their advantage. This includes editing the online calendar, inputting information, adding users, sharing content, and managing projects or deadlines. All of this can be learned during the initial set up.

Shared Calendars

One of the main benefits of online calendars is that they offer you convenience and an easy way to share your calendar and project management tools with others. Let’s say you have an ongoing project that requires regular progress reports to be generated and submitted to your boss every Friday. Instead of manually creating those reports, you can use a shared calendar with the same information and simply send it over to your boss. It will arrive in an easy-to-read format and even allows the recipient to add questions or commentary and suggest edits. Perhaps, a later part of the project then doesn’t require weekly updates, but now monthly ones. These kinds of edits can also be made in the shared calendar when submitting information.

Project Calendars

Project calendars enable you to track the progress of any project that your team currently has ongoing or is soon coming to a close. Being able to track the progress of your project through a digital calendar allows you to see how much work has already been done, how much work still needs to be done, and who or what is completing their part of the work to finish the project. Project calendars can also give you reminders and notifications when deadlines are upcoming or pending so that you can better manage your work for the project.

Appointment Calendar

Appointment calendars are those that allow clients to schedule, edit, and request appointments online through your website. Appointment calendars come in several formats and can encourage your clients to make appointments at their own convenience and without having to call in or visit your business. Not only is this more convenient, but it also allows you to manage your incoming workload and allocate your resources internally so that you can better serve your customers. We’ll help you set up a calendar that’s aesthetically-pleasing and easy to navigate, making scheduling via your website easier than ever before.

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